Year 7 L2L Assessment Task

Every learner is different. We have explored a range of learning models, as well as tools and strategies to help us learn.

Your task is to create a multi-modal presentation to communicate what you have learned about the way you best learn. What are your strengths? What do you need to work on? What strategies can you use to improve your learning? How might you implement them? Do you work best alone or with others? Share your knowledge and celebrate your understanding of yourself.

Be creative with your presentation and make sure you address the criteria in the assessment rubric.

You might like to use:
EduGlogster, Smart Notebook, XtraNormal, OneNote, Digital Story Telling, Podcasts / Vodcasts, Wikispaces, a Web Page, PowerPoint, Inspiration / Freemind, Slideshare, Prezi or ............ (the list is never ending) as part of your presentation. 


One or more file attachments on this page are provided in PDF format. To view PDF files you can download Adobe Reader for free.