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Term 4  - Dr Collie's Schoolyard Safari! (Stage 1) UPDATED

Please note that we have just been informed that the Sounds Senational unit is being updated to realign wuth the Australian Curriculum.  Dr Collie Sounds off has new been updated to 'Dr Collie's Schoolyard Safari.'

Schoolyard safari unitWhat do I need to do?

  • Register to be part of the fun!
  • Purchase a copy of the Schoolyard safari curriculum resource from Primary Connections. (This internationally recognised resource has all the background information, teaching activities required for this 'Dr Collie Investigation.'  ****New versions on sale 1st October 2012.*****
  • Undertake the activities with your class which are outlined in the the Schoolyard safari curriculum resource. (How long you spend is up to you depending upon your classroom context.)
  • Collect the clues which start in Week 9, Term 4. The clues only run for one week. 
  • Submit your answer as soon as the last clue has been given on the Friday of Week 9, Term 4.
  • Complete the post adventure evaluation on the feedback page.

Unit outline

The Schoolyard safari unit is an ideal way to link science with literacy in the classroom. By observing the features and behaviour of small animals, students glimpse the diversity of animal life. Students explore small animals leading to a better understanding of how their adaptations help them survive in their habitats. Through investigations, students learn how animals move, feed and protect themselves.The world is teeming with animal life. Even the most unexpected places can host a diverse range of creatures. As humans, we share our wonderful planet with many other animals. Taking the time to really look at another species can provide a window into the similarities and differences among living beings, and can help us to appreciate how we are all part of a single, gloriously complex ecological system.

More about this unit

Primary Connections have a wealth of resources supporting the Schoolyard safari unit. They include:

Who do I contact if I have any questions about this adventure?

Greg Alchin T: 63348064 E: gregory [dot] alchin [at] det [dot] nsw [dot] edu [dot] au