2014 Science for Growth Awards (SGA)


Science Teachers looking to promote science as a career and provide authentic extension activities should look at2014 Science for Growth Awards (SGA).

Funded through the Australian Maths and Science Partnership Program, the SGA involve Year 9-10 students conducting their own scientific investigation (individually or in pairs) with cash prizes of $300 (1st), $200 (2nd) and $100 (3rd) for NSW/ACT students.  SGA closely align with the Australian Curriculum: Science across all three strands but in particular in the Science Inquiry Skills. While students are encouraged to investigate an area of science that is related to primary industries (e.g. food, fibre  production and natural resource management), they are not limited to this and are free to choose an area that is interesting and relevant to their lives.

Secondary Science News

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Jane West and Andrew Hadjichari (Science 7-12 Advisors) in Learning and Leadership Directorate have just released the latest edition of Science Update has been published on ISSUU. Alternatively you can download a PDF version. In this edition you will find:

CAASTRO in the Classroom


As outlined in Science Update VOLUME 2 ISSUE 9  CAASTRO in the Classroom will be presenting a series of free talks aimed at Stage 6  physics students. The upcoming talks will run on the following dates:

SyllabusPLUS2 Webinars - Science (Stages 4 & 5)

SyllabusPLUS2 Webinars - Science (Stages 4 & 5)

The aim of SyllabusPLUS Series 2 is to provide further professional learning in the implementation of the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum. The Science Webinars (Stages 4 & 5) will explore implications and considerations for programming unique to each phase 1 subject area, teaching strategies for EAL/D learners, as well as strategies for integrating digital technology and differentiation. The SyllabusPLUS Series 2 webinars will be delivered via Adobe Connect by DEC Science Advisors. All sessions will occur at 3:30pm and run for 30 min. To access this excellent professional learning, enrol on MyPL@Edu. eachers who register but are unable to attend will be emailed resources and a link to the session recording.

Collie and Science


The importance of teaching of science in primary schools has thankfully been recognised by Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). To support the teaching of science in our primary schools as of Term 3, 2012 all of Dr Collie's investigations will be based upon units developed by the Australian Academy of Science' Primary Connections team. 

Collie registrations are now open!

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Registrations are now open for the first of Dr Collie's new adventures for 2012. Don't forget to visit the teacher's area to download the  teachers/supervisors programming guide. Please note that the registrations databse has been cleared ready for 2012. If you registered prior to this date please reapply now. 

And yes you heard it right. Collie, is now Dr Collie! In 2011 Collie quietly went back to University so he could follow his love of science and officially become a scientist! We are very proud to announce that  Collie has graduated with a Doctorate in Scientic Thinking!  Collie's new adventures will become more science based throughout 2012. They still include a wide array of cross curricula fun but Science and HSIE are a strong focus of his new adventures. 


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For Primary schools looking to reinvigorate their science and technology program it is worthwhile examining the for resources and professional learning offered by Science Australia's Primary Connections program. PrimaryConnections links science with literacy in an innovative approach to teaching and learning which aims to enhance primary school teachers confidence and competence for teaching science.


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Collie will be going on a whole new series of adventures in 2012.  His new adventures are being designed to support the both the current HSIE and Science & Technology KLAs. To help you plan for the changes, check out the schedule for his new advantures now.