Coonabarabran Public School - winner of Collie our environmental ambassador

Congratulations 5/6K!

Congratulations to 5/6K at Coonabarabran Public School. They are our winner of our Term 2 Dr Collie's adventure entitled 'Collie our environmental ambassador.' As Coonabarabran Public School  website states the school is 'renowned for its academic, cultural, sporting and welfare programs focusing on the needs and care of all students.' Well this is just further proof !  The three correct types of environments were: 1: River Systems, 2: Arid and 3: Wetlands.

Collie and Science


The importance of teaching of science in primary schools has thankfully been recognised by Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). To support the teaching of science in our primary schools as of Term 3, 2012 all of Dr Collie's investigations will be based upon units developed by the Australian Academy of Science' Primary Connections team. 

Collie registrations are now open!

Dr Collie icon

Registrations are now open for the first of Dr Collie's new adventures for 2012. Don't forget to visit the teacher's area to download the  teachers/supervisors programming guide. Please note that the registrations databse has been cleared ready for 2012. If you registered prior to this date please reapply now. 

And yes you heard it right. Collie, is now Dr Collie! In 2011 Collie quietly went back to University so he could follow his love of science and officially become a scientist! We are very proud to announce that  Collie has graduated with a Doctorate in Scientic Thinking!  Collie's new adventures will become more science based throughout 2012. They still include a wide array of cross curricula fun but Science and HSIE are a strong focus of his new adventures. 


Collie Gnome - Knowledge Hunter icon

Collie will be going on a whole new series of adventures in 2012.  His new adventures are being designed to support the both the current HSIE and Science & Technology KLAs. To help you plan for the changes, check out the schedule for his new advantures now.  

Congratulations St Michael's Primary School (Coolamon)

St Michael's Primary School

Congratulations to the clever thinkers in 2W at St Michael's Primary School in Coolamon in winning this term's Collie adventure called 'Collie on the Move. Mrs Kate Wickson and her class 2W had all the correct answers in at 11:01am! 

Celebrating with Style

Hugh Rasmussen, presenting 3H/3A with their Collie trophy

Coonabarabran Public School had an extra element to the Education Week celebrations. Hugh Rasmussen, the new  Country Areas Program Consultant for Western Region was able to drop by and personally present 3H/3A with one of the new colour Collie trophies. What a great way to meet your new CAP consultant! Congratulation to the studennts and many thanks Hugh!

Congratulations 3H/3A Coonabarabran PS

Coonabarabran Public School

The were a shipload of entries from across the seven seas! 3H/3A at CoonabarabranPS were the fast and clever crew this journey!  There are a lot of clever naval historians out there from the amount of correct answers and quick response times! One of the new colour Collie trophies will be out ASAP to the school. A colour certificate for all other schools is now available for download in the Teacher's Area.

Term 3 Collie

Collie on the Move!

Registrations are open for our Term 3 Collie entitled ‘Collie on the Move.’ It is targeted at Stage 1 students. In Collie’s latest adventure he sets out to visit his Grandma who lives a long way away. To get there Collie must use 10 different types of transport. Follow the clues to discover which types of transportation Collie chooses. The teacher's guide and additional resources are available for download. It is planned to put up some extra resources in week 1, Term 3.

Collie Term 2 - Sea Explorers

In term 2, Collie will study 20 European navigators and explorers who helped map the landmass we now call Australia. Registrations and teacher's notes available Wednesday 6th April 2011!