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Although Antarctica is the world's fifth largest continent, it is sparsely populated as a result of the harsh environmental conditions. The few inhabitants who work there for short periods of time at research stations include wildlife rangers, meteorologists, tradesmen and scientists

Congratulations !! a team from your school has been invited to join scientists in an expedition to one of the following Stations in Antarctica .... 

  • Macquarie Island
  • Casey
  • Davis
  • Mawson
Your team is expected to carry out research whilst visiting Antarctica. You get to decide what to research!


What will your team study and research and which station best suits you for a one month stay?

 Points to Consider
  • What are the physical features and natural environment of each station?
  • What are the living conditions like?
  • What will you research?
  • Which station offers the best opportunity to study your chosen topic (it may be an animal, plant, landform, icebergs, etc)


  • Print a copy of the summary sheets for comparing the stations.
  • Visit the following sites to gather and record information on the summary sheet.
  • Analyse the information and negotiate your choice of Station.


Davis Station
Casey Station
Macquarie Island Station
Mawson Station

Interesting sites you may also like to visit are:


Australia's Antarctia Division
Antarctica - a virtual visit
Photo Gallery


Present your choice of Station in the form of a slide show using Kid Pix or Clarisworks/Appleworks, PowerPoint or Hyperstudio.
Your presentation should include:

  • location/site map
  • pictures or photographs
  • a brief outline of your planned research topic
  • your reasons for choosing this Station based on information gathered on summary sheet

 This Module created by teachers from Wollongong and funded by the Disadvantaged Schools Program in collaboration with CAP 


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