About RDE Relate

RDE RelateRDE RELATE  began in 2010 as a community education initiative aimed at supporting parents and community members in rural and remote areas of NSW. The aim is to support sustainability in rural and remote communities through providing access to high quality persons and topics of interest via video conferencing. Issues covered to date have canvassed a broad range of topical issues from internet safety, sexting,  to assisting your child with literacy.

How does it work?

RDE Relate presenters  are invited to access a NSWDEC venue (school or state office) to present from and can occur from anywhere in the state. As every public school in NSW has a classroom equipped with video conference facilities, as well as many Catholic CAP schools parents and community members are invited by their local schools to attend the RDE RELATE  sessions at their local school.

How long are the sessions?

Most sessions are 1 hour in length consisting of a 30 – 40 min presentation and a 20 minute Q&A session. Bookings to attend the sessions are coordinated by our Connections team that provides and co-ordinates video conferencing excursions.

What is the next RDE RELATE session?

Detailed information  about upcoming events can be found on the RDE RELATE main page

Can I suggest topic ideas?

Yes please! Your input in would be greatly appreciated.  We would love to hear your thoughts about these topics and others you may wish to see presented.