Mobile Reading

Reading efficiency smallIt seems obvious that paper and digital devices are different! However what many do not fully understand, is that there are several key differences between these two communication mediums that greatly impacts upon how we interact with the content and what our reading efficiency is. (Reading efficiency is reading speed / comprehension.).These factors include:

  • How the device displays information (Printed ink vs LED/LCD screens)
  • Device resolution: How tightly packed  the dots of ink / screen pixels? 
  • Reflective capaciy: Is there glare?
  • Seating position: Do you sit forward or backward?
  • Typography: What font (type, size, colour) as well as line spacing were used.
  • Text to Speech (TTS):: Can the device read the text back to the reader?

Essentially higher resolution devices such as the new iPad have a far higher reading efficiency than Kindles or netbooks. 

They also have a wide range of inbuilt features that support the reading process. These include:

  • text to speech,
  • higlighting of text
  • font resizing
  • rich media (sound/movies)
  • dictionary/thesaurus. 

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