Mobile learning TPL

iPad in action


The workshop is targeted at teachers wishing to transform their teaching practices through implementing a mobile learning pedagogy. Workshop participants will develop understandings and strategies to:

  • transform their personal teaching practice to respond to the needs of for 21st century learners
  • assist their schools to respond with innovative practices for 21st century learners
  • identify appropriate applications (apps) to enhance student engagement
  • actively engaging in mobile learning professional learning communities

How can this workshop be delivered?

Face to face or via Video Conference. Contact Greg Alchin to book a session.

What is mobile learning?

Mobile learning devices such as iPods and iPads are a disruptive technology. They force us to rethink how we learn and teach in the 21st century. This is because mobile learning provides students with personalized access to tools and information previously unavailable within and outside of the classroom. There is considerable evidence around the world that mobile learning is transforming the learning and teaching within our classrooms.

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