Learning Preferences / Styles


We all have our preferred ways of learning. Which way do you learn best? 
Find out about VAK here. Create a Triple T Chart outlining strategies used by Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetic learners.

Complete the  questionnaire to determine your preferred learning style. Go to the fact sheets to identify the best ways for you to gather information, present information and study. Go back to your journal and record your findings.

Multiple Intelligences

What are Gardner's Multiple Intelligences? Explore MI with these resources:


What Smart are You?

Complete this questionnaire to determine your favoured intelligences. What are your top 3 learning intelligences?
Now complete this questionnaire. What were your top 3 intelligences this time? Were they the same? If not why do you think this happened. Use a PMI to reflect on the positives & negatives of using only your favoured intelligences. Record your thoughts in your journal

Brainstorm key verbs associated with your most favoured intelligence. Create a Word Cloud to share your knowledge of your favourite MI.

L2L Wordle
eg a word cloud for Learning to Learn

Strengths & Weaknesses

 It is easy to work with our strongest learning preferences. We can build on our strengths but we also need to look for opportunities to improve ourselves. Find someone whose strengths are different to yours. Identify strategies you could employ to improve your strength in that area. You can also look at their word clouds and re-look at the resources above. Create a Model Map to plan ways to improve your 'Smarts' in that area. 

Smarts MM


Return to your learning journal and KWL.

Go to the Assessment Task next.

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