Learning to Learn

Learning 2 LearnDo your students know how they learn best?

Learning is a lifelong process. Use this on-line project to prepare your students for their learning journey, helping them to understand that learning is a process not just a product. They will develop a variety of skills through the exploration of a variety of learning models and styles to determine what works best for them. Take them outside their comfort zones to develop weaknesses and become well rounded learners. Students will be armed with a range of tools that will assist them in becoming independent and responsible for their own learning.

This programme provides support for the transition from Year 6 to Year 7 by developing common understandings and language. It will be available late Term 1, 2011.

Year 6 students will: 

  • Identify the qulaities of a good leader and develop strategies to improve their own leadership skills
  • Implement the 'Fish Philosophy' and discuss how the philosophy effects their lives
  • Understand the necessity of using all levels of Bloom' Taxonomy and recognise the language of each level
  • Differentiate  different modes of thinking through the use of DeBono's thinking hats

Year 7 students will:

  • Investigate and identify personal learning preferences and learn how to develop capacity in all styles
  • explore how the brain works and its function
  • Connect Habits of Mind to the real world and infer how it will effect their future lives

All students will:

  • Select appropriate learning tools for appropriate processes
  • Generate, document, clarify, organise and present  ideas and information
  • Reflect on and assess own learning continuously using a variety of reflection and evaluative processes
  • Access relevant technologies as a learning tool to enable effective learning