Learning 2 Learn in Year 7

thinking_manHow do I learn?

How can I find out?                                                               

Which way is best for me?

Learning is a process not just a product. During the course of this unit you will learn and develop a variety of skills as you explore a range of learning models. You will take responsibility for your own learning and be able to answer the three essential questions asked above and be able to select the best way to learn for you.

To demonstrate your understanding of the learning process and its implications to your own learning you will be asked  to create a multi-modal presentation communicating how best you learn.

Let's get started!

  • From the file attachments section below, download and read:
    • Understanding By Design Teaching and Learning process.
    • Assessment Rubric
  • Visit the 8 Ways wiki to gain a deeper understanding of Aboriginal ways of learning

One last thing!

Through out this acivity you will use a range of different thinking tools such as a KWL, bone diagrams . You might find it handy to  download either the pdf or word versions beforehand or use a range of online versions of those thinking tools.  

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L2L Y7Rubric.pdf51.64 KB
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One or more file attachments on this page are provided in PDF format. To view PDF files you can download Adobe Reader for free.