How are others using mobile learning?

We can learn from our colleagues whether they be in the neighbouring district, another state or country.

DEECD iPad Trial

This video is a snapshot of comments from teachers in Victoria. It was filmed by Apple and created with the permission of Victorian Dept of Education.


iPads at Epsom PS

"At the end of the iPad trial conducted by DEECD a video response was made involving teacher and students who were involved in the 18 month trial. Students in grade 5/6 were each given an iPad to manage themselves and to use to enhance their learning" - Jenny Ashby. Originally posted on theSlide2learn YouTube channel.

Slide2Learn Talk: iPad & the developing world education - a challenge

This video was presented at the Slide2learn 2011 conference by Wayan Vota of, an initiative of the World Bank and UNESCO where issues around integrating ICT into education in the developing world are discussed each month. In it he issues a challenge to consider how the new tablet devices might be suitable or unsuitable for schools in the developing world as well as in the developed world. Originally posted by Jonathan Nalder on the Slide2learn YouTube channel.

Slide2Learn Talk - Gayle Thomas

This short talk by Gayle Thomas, a Smart Classrooms Award Winner and Teacher at the Royal Brisbane Hospital, gives a little bit of insight into what mobile devices they are using and the challenges that such a 'classroom' presents. Originally posted on theSlide2learn YouTube channel.



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