T-Cell DohertyThe Australian curriculum sees science returning to the fore in primary schools. To support NSW CAP and distance education schools, the 'Doherty' project was created. The 'Doherty' project is named in honor of Nobel laureate, Peter C. Doherty.

In 2011 the 'Doherty' project will oversee the development of:

  • Professional learning activities aimed at the implementation of the Australian primary science curriculum by NSW CAP and distance education schools.
  • Blended learning resources to support NSW CAP and distance education schools implement the Australian primary science curriculum.

Primary ConnectionsBoth the professional learning activities and the blended learning resources will be based upon  the Australian Academy of Science' s Primary Connections. Primary Connections focuses on developing students’ knowledge, skills, understanding and capacities in both science and literacy.The Australian Academy of Science have and continue to play a pivotal rolein the framing of the new primary science curriculum. 

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