2009 adventures

Term 1 - cccCollie

Collie heads off to Antarctica to explore the land, the animals and the research stations there. A fairly in-depth study of Antarctica for stage 3 students.

Stage 3 HSIE - Patterns of Place and Location. Outcome: ENS3.5

Term 2 - Collie's Clicks

A follow-up to "Where's Collie?" Whilst he travelled around Australia visiting significant sites Collie was taking pictures of Australian fauna. The problem was that, being the forgetful gnome that he is, he didn't label any of them and know needs help identifying the animals.

Stage 2 S&T. Outcome: LTS 2.3, INVS 2.7, UTS 2.9

Term 3 - Collie's Helper

Workers in the Community
Roles, Rights  & Responsibilities SS S1.7, SS S1.8
Collie investigates the people who work in his community (eg police, firemen etc).

Stage 1 HSIE. Outcome: SSS 1.7, SSS 1.8