DE News: 2012-T2-Week 10

DE NEWS: 2012-T2- Week 10

"The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts."  C.S Lewis

School News / Network News

Southern Cross K-12-Successful community partnerships project!

Southern Cross K-12 is pleased to share a successful project involving community partnerships and the Aboriginal youth of Box Ridge Mission – Coraki.

This project was recently printed in the Northern Rivers Echo and Northern Star. The project has been supported weekly by Nortec Youth Connections working in collaboration with Southern Cross Distance Education since the commencement of term 1, working to assist this group to re-engage in community and education.

 Nortec Training Services Unit has provided the use of the Lismore Bus making the weekly transits possible. DE Staff member Alex O'Reilly and Nortec Youth Connections Caseworker Dusty McOnie are the key personnel in the project. These partnership will continue throughout  the year and into the next with many more production pieces on the horizon, stay tuned. And yes that is the Mayor holding a spray can!

For more information on this wonderful project contact Kim Edwards Head Teacher Welfare from Southern Cross K-12.


Open HS is known internationally

Open HS has been recognised in the VSCED newsletter which provides articles on exemplar initiatives from the international distance education community. To read the article follow this link.

The VISCED Partnership aims to make an inventory and to carry out a transnational appraisal of innovative ICT-enhanced learning/teaching exemplar initiatives and e-mature major secondary and post-secondary education providers for the 14-21 age group (including Virtual Schools and Colleges).

DE Related News

Distance Education Teachers having fun networking and learning from their colleagues.

Scroll through this gallery of photos to view your distance education colleagues at the DE Symposium.

Equella News

We have just completed the user testing phase with Equella. Essentially this has involved 18 of your DE colleagues helping us put Equella through its paces. We have collated their invaluable feedback and are working through the final changes.  

DE Quality Teaching questionDE Quality Teaching question

 How do you build explicit teaching into / around your DE learning resources sent out to students? That is the question we are throwing out for thought and discussion. We would love to hear and share your thoughts and strategies.

PLANE - A professional learning community

PlanePLANE is an online learning community for teachers. It provides ICT focused professional learning for P-12 educators across all sectors to connect, learn, share and lead professional learning anywhere, anytime. Through this network PLANE will surface the great practice of educators for other educators to learn from. It will introduce important approaches and concepts from the Australian Curriculum and embed them in the PLANE experience so that educators learn from them both formally through professional learning courses and informally simply by being a PLANE educator.


Upcoming Events!

Professional Learning Offered by the RDE Unit

Please contact Kym Knight or Greg Alchin on 0263348070 if you would like one of these workshops presented at your school.

DE wiki

DEduce provides information for NSW DE teachers!

Newsletter contacts

Call Kym, Greg or Suzie on 0263348070 or by emailing rde [at] det [dot] nsw [dot] edu [dot] au

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