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Australian Museum visitKarabar HSDE-Year 7-10 Mini School

Year  7 – 10 Mini School

The Term 2 mini school stands out as one of the best yet. Enjoyed by students from Years 7 – 10 it was a fantastic opportunity to get to know other DE students. The theme of the mini school was ‘Reconciliation’, with National Sorry Day occurring on 26 May and national Reconciliation Week 27 May – 3 June.

As well as their regular lessons that had a focus on Reconciliation, students were involved in designing and painting boomerangs, creating a ceramic tile for a Reconciliation mural and a visit to the National Museum where they were learnt about Indigenous culture, arts and crafts. Students were then given a tour of the Karabar Bush Garden,DHURAWARRI DANGHARN NUGURU” (water, food and campsite), by Alyson Beltrami (Karabar’s Aboriginal Education Officer) who explained the different sections of the garden, gave information about bush tucker and highlighted the importance of the land to Indigenous  people. A tasting of traditional bush tucker followed along with wattle seed scones and quandong tarts. 

Australian Museum visitScience session at the mini school

Year 7 – 10 participated in 2 practical science sessions during the latest Mini-School. For the first hour students constructed electrical circuits and learnt about electricity. The students also completed a tutorial about series and parallel circuits on the ipads. The students said that this was ‘awesome’. The ipads led to increased engagement and understanding and helped to consolidate the practical work. [If you would like to use these apps they were - ‘Building serial circuits’ and ‘Building parallel circuits’ by Adaptive curriculum]. 

Karabar bush gardenThe second session began by examining the human circulatory system. Students noted their increased pulse and respiration rates in response to physical exercise. Then, willing students carried out a heart dissection to explore the anatomy of the heart and how it works to pump blood to our lungs and around our body. The session finished by looking at complete body systems through dissection of a fish.


Sydney DEHS's Newsletter

For a fantastic read about the interesting activities occurring at Sydney DEHS, follow this link.

The Traveling Dinosaur-Dubbo SoDE

Lynne (primary teacher DSODE) sends this little Dinosaur named Gip to all of the children in her class. Gip spends time with children while they complete their school work and goes on lots of adventures too. The children are encouraged to write in a journal about their time together. So far Gip has been to the U.S, Indonesia and all around Australia. Attached is an example of a journal entry. Whenever Gip comes back to school, Lynne adds the latest news about her adventures on the class BLOG.

Gip has returned to Dubbo many times with new stories and also the odd accessory! As you can see in the photo she now wears beads that Kane made, a billum from Jono in PNG and a batik waste band from Grace from Indonesia.

Gip's travels  Gip in Jakarta



Broken Hill SOTA Mini School

One of the major events of the School of the Air Broken Hill Calendar are their Mini Schools. They hold two whole school mini schools through out the year, one in term 2 and the other in term 3.  Each mini school has a different theme and is held on different properties owned by one of the families of the school.

Each mini school lasts for 3 days and most of the community attends at least one, many will attend both.  The school organises all activities throughout the days and nights and the parents organise the food. 

The mini schools are a great opportunity for the school to come together in an informal setting to catch up and reconnect. The students love the activities and catching up with their class and school friends. All in all it is a great, but tireing few days. Well worth the effort.

To read a  recount of two mini schools by some of the students who attended please follow this link.

DE Related News


Equella user testing began this week under the management of Greg Alchin. Every distance education school has at least one representative testing access and contribution to Equella from within the department of education. We continue to work with the Information Technology Directorate to bring the production system live for the DE network. Once we are live Kym and Greg will be visiting all schools to run profession learning to support your use of Equella.

Satellite Education Program to be renewed.

Friday May 25th Rural and Distance Education kicked off its processes to roll out a renewed satellite service for home isolated distance education with a video conference link-up between the distance education primary schools, and the RDE’s Mike Tom, David Foley and Jonathon Egan.

The first of many video conference meetings allowed principals and teachers to hear what the new project will deliver and what this new satellite service will enable RDE teachers and students to do differently.

The current 10 year old satellite, has been reliable but has restricted RDE’s deployment of a new learning solution to replace OneTouch and new computers. Its replacement also supplied by Optus is state of the art.

The roll out will see RDE and the DEC Information Technology Directorate (ITD) oversee teams of satellite installation contractors who will replace and renew equipment at home sites and studios and repoint the dishes the new satellite. The start date is yet to be announced however the target completion date is October 2012.

Managing Challenging Behaviours Seminar

  • Are you teaching students with challenging behaviours?
  • Are you looking for strategies to provide the best social, behavioural and academic outcomes for these students?

A seminar is being conducted at Kirribilli Club, Sydney on the Friday 10 July. For more information download the flyer.

Upcoming Events!

DE Symposium 2012

This is a great opportunity for DE teachers to network, share and receive professional learning on DE pedagogy.  Workshop / Expo focus areas: 1: Learning Design & Production, 2: Supporting & Engaging Students and 3: DE Pedagogies. 

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DEduce provides information for NSW DE teachers!

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