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Home of our DE newsletter which focuses upon the latest happenings in distance education and pedagogy for isolated students. Another great source for information for teachers working in Distance Education in NSW is the DEduce Wiki at

DE News 2014-T1-Week-11

Samantha, Newnham, Leah Books and Trish McGufficke supporting the National"Bully

In this edition: DE Symposium news, Farewell to Rachel Olson, Hay SOTA-anti bullying day, Camden Haven student swimming success, DSODE at the Western Region Swimming Carnival, TAS network news, DE Collegial network sessions at DE Symposium, HSIE eNewsletter, AADES Leaders’ Forum 2014

DE News 2014-T1-Week-08

In this edition: DE Symposium, Assessment over the seas, SOTA Home Tutors conference, DE Collegial network coordinators meeting, DE Collegial Networks and Coordinator information, English K-6 eNewsletter, Asian Education Foundation National conference, Commonwealth CLASS initiative, Developing a framework for Alternate Education programs, Landcare workshop for DE students,

DE News 2014-T1-Week-07

Kate Murphy, New teacher at SOTA-Hay Campus, sitting on the big seat, Broken Hil

In this edition: Sydney DEHS Newsletter, SOTA-new teacher at Hay, Staff Development Day @ Southern Cross, Networks: Student Volunteer- GATS-Geography, HSIE years 7-2 e-newsletter, Science Update, Premiers teachers scholarship information,

DE News 2014-T1-Week-06

DEsym call for papers

In this edition: Vaccination for Students Enrolled in Distance Education, More than just a holiday, Science News,  Brain Bytes, ePUBS, Curriculum Networks News, Music Networks, PDHPE and English Networks news

DE News 2014-T1-Week-10

  • In this edition: DE Symposium news-i Connect- we Connect, Camden Haven DEC students engaged in an exciting joint school, university and NSW Health initiative, Camden Haven news, Saving our Stripes at Southern Cross, English network news, Careers Network News, Conditions of Collaboration,

DE News 2014-T1-Week-09

In this edition: DE Syposium News, National School for Traveling Show Children, Macquarie Marshes Field Trip-Dubbo SODE Year 11 and 12, Collegial network news, DART- Men at Work, RDE team, Science update 7-12, History 7-12 Conferences, NSW State Library,

DE News 2014-T1-Week-05

RAP students preparing for cricket

In this edition: DE Symposium 2014, Riverina Access Program-sport, PDHPE Collegial Network news, Music Collegial Network news, Queanbeyan DE REACT, Free immunisation for DE students, History resources K-12, Science Stage 6,  English K-6, TAS resources and PD,

Vaccination for Students Enrolled in Distance Education


NSW Health in partnership with education authorities is offering the vaccines recommended under the National Immunisation Program for adolescents in a school vaccination program. Students who are enrolled in distance education are eligible for free age-appropriate vaccines.

DE News 2014-T1-Week-02

In this edition: DE Symposium, HSC successes, DE staff movement, Student Volunteer program, DE Collegial Networks,
NOW UPDATED with embedded survey about the DE Symposium!

DE News 2014-T1-Week-01

Hard fun 2014

We hope that you have had a well deserved break and are ready and roaring to go for the new school year.  We look forward to working with you in 2014! 
Kind regards 
The Rural and Distance Education Team