The Brain

Exploring the Brain

Download the Brain worksheets here. Read through it to see what information you have to find.
Now go on Sam's Brainy Adventure to find the answers.

Time to go on-line. What information can you find to enable you to explore the brain and how it works? 
Keep a record of the best sites you find to share with the rest of your class. 
Create your own Brain Worksheet which uses your sites to find the answers.

exercising brainExercising Your Brain

You can keep your brain at its best by exercising it!
Try these Brain Games to keep your brain as fit as possible. 

Why Should We Look After Our Brains?

Use the 5 Whys tool to answer this question.
Create a persuasive text (ad, poster, speech) to highlight the importance of looking after your brain to enhance learning. Plan your text using a Model Map.


Return to your journal & KWL to reflect on what you have learnt.

We all learn in different ways. Time to explore your preferred learning styles. go to the menu to find out more.

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