Blended Learning TPL


The workshop is targeted at teachers wishing to incorporate contemporary ICT’s into their Quality Teaching practices. Workshop participants will develop understandings and strategies to facilitate student learning in a blended environment through:

  • identifying specific elements and strategies for  blended learning environments
  • utilising scaffolds and models to implement blended learning environments
  • planning for quality blended learning environments

How can this workshop be delivered?

Face to face or via Video Conference

Where can I learn more about Blended Learning?

Blended Learning is a student centred, flexible, self-paced, multimodal approach to learning. It is the teaching practice that intersects traditional face-to-face teaching and online teaching.

A blended learning approach requires ALL students to draw on their prior learning, acquire new knowledge and creatively fashion new solutions to real world problems utilising a range of synchronous and asynchronous tools.

Blended Learning engages students in connected learning so they are supported in a wide variety of interactions across space and time, in accessing information sources, educational and community services and individual connections.